How to start up in magic?

Australians learning magic card tricks
How to start learning magic

Starting up in magic is pretty easy.
You need to start slow and learn a few magic tricks at a time.
Most magicians learn a magic trick with a deck of playing cards.
This is the least expensive and easiest way to enter the magic industry.
You can start by amazing your family and friends with a few magic card tricks.
And build confidence at the same time.

Remember, the more you practice, the better you get.

We recommend buying a few decks of Bicycle playing cards or Tally Ho playing cards. They are the least expensive and the most standard deck of playing cards.
Once you have practiced and performed a few times with Bicycle decks or Tally Ho decks, you can buy really Cool decks of playing cards by clicking here.

And if you are interested in easy-to-learn or medium-to-hard magic tricks, click here to find the best “How To” DVDs to learn magic tricks.

We also recommend learning cardistry (or flourishing), to improve your dexterity and sleight of hand. Click here to learn more about cardistry or click here to dive right into learning the art of flourishing.