Magic shops in Sydney

KardsGeek Online Magic Shop in Sydney
KardsGeek Online Magic Shop in Sydney

Where can you find a magic shop in Sydney?

All you have to do is use google or the yellow pages, and you will be able to find a bricks and mortar magic shop in Sydney.

Our prediction is that these magic shops will eventually become extinct, even though magic is a growing art and is experiencing tremendous growth.

In recent times, especially due to Magicians likes David Blain and Dynamo, “street magic performances” are on the rise and can be performed by anyone. Which is great news! This also means that the street magicians will not be carrying around numerous or heavy magic gimmicks. It is likely they will carry with them several decks of playing cards (gimmicked decks and normal decks), rings, rubber bands and other light and easy to carry magic materials.

So, in summary, our predictions are:

  • bricks and mortar magic shop will become extinct
  • “Street Magic Performances” will continue to rise
  • Card magic, ring magic, rubber band magic will become more and more popular

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