The Bicycle Black Ghost playing cards by Ellusionist feature the Air-Cushion finish on luxury cardstock. This deck of cards includes a barcode reveal, a gaffed card and one-of-a-kind jokers, all newly improved in this second edition. These unique black playing cards will add a dark atmosphere to your magic tricks or cardistry.

A ghost deck from ellusionist looks like a photo negative of a traditional deck of playing cards. With a black background and white lines to show the details of the cards, the only unchanged color is the red for the suits. But the cards, from the deuce to the ace all have a unique, ghostly luminescence to them that will make even a single hand of cards just a little more fun to play.

While a ghost deck can be switched out for a regular deck during your poker night, is best used by people who need an extra prop for their magic act. Whether you’re a working prestidigitation or you’re just getting started with card tricks, a ghost deck can add an extra touch of slick to your tricks no matter how simple they might be. After all, when it comes to magic, sometimes it’s just as important to have the proper deck as it is to know when to perform the right trick.


The original Black Ghost deck did not enter the market except by private sale.

It was used by Ellusionist for only for special promotions and given as a gift to professionals such as Banachek, David Blaine, Garcia and others.

The first edition decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay.

Weight 0.1000 kg
Dimensions 2.0000 × 7.0000 × 9.5000 cm


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