Shadow Masters are the third wonder in the Bicycle Masters Series.

These cards don’t only scream style, but they also shine with some of the best quality you will find in any playing card deck on the market. These ultra quality Playing Cards are not simply average playing cards, these cards are deep with features! Of these features, the one that has the most powerful grip is the edgy black finish sure to make anybody marvel at them as soon as you fan them out! The finish isn’t just for looks either, the cards provide that desireable and unmistakable classic glide and the important durability of the U.S. Playing Card Co.! The quality can make any sleight of hand artist happy time and time again, and simply a glance at this ever so powerful deck can make just about anybody get lost in the darkness and mystery these cards command.

This card deck is not only visually unique though, they are mechanically just as amazing. This deck provides multiple outlets for creativity to ensue! These cards cleverly supply many important aspects that any cardistry expert desires! Special Features Jokers highlight this triumphant playing card deck! One of the Jokers grips the sands of time, as the other Joker changes it to a three of diamonds for a mind boggling reveal that will leave onlookers eyes popping with wonder and amazement! There are also extra cards to help cardworkers do their magic, one regular ad card, and one DOUBLE BACKER! This deck even has a barcode reveal of the three of spades, for somebody really looking to up their trickery! This deck provides unlimited thrills and can keep imagination running wild with tricks.

The sheer magnitude of what this deck offers makes it an obvious choice for just about any card illusionist looking to bring some spice to their artistry and shows! There is simply no way to damper how compelling these cards can make any trick seem, and how amazed they will leave any audience. The detail, the features, and the overall quality simply make the Bicycle ShadowMasters card deck UNBEATABLE.

JOKERS: if death was a gentleman, this is who he would look like. One Joker holds the sands of time in his hand while the other Joker changes it to a three of diamonds REVEAL.

EXTRA CARDS: there is one standard “ad card” from Ellusionist, but one card is a DOUBLE BACKER.

FINISH: Performance Finish is perfect for spreading and fanning. Cardistry experts will love them. As usual, a plush and expensive USPC stock is used to create this quality driven product.

Weight 0.1000 kg
Dimensions 2.0000 × 7.0000 × 9.5000 cm


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