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Dear Friends,

When we started the kardsgeek facebook page back in January 2013, we wanted it packed with information and features that we hoped you would find useful and leave you wanting to come back for more!

But we felt that we only just scratched the surface…..
We still wanted to give you more….
We wanted to give you all the tools necessary to assist you in your cardistry and magic life journey.
And we wanted you to have the best playing cards for cardistry and magic.

So in May 2013 we embarked on an ambitious and exciting journey to create the KardsGeek online shop.

We have selected only the best playing cards for cardistry and magic, so that you can be your best.

For the beginners, we debated back and forth which DVDs would give you the best training and guidance.

After much debate we settled on “Genesis Volume 1 By Andrei Jikh”.
Plus we chose the Bicycle Standard playing cards and the Tally Ho’s as the best beginner playing cards.

For the experienced cardist and magicians, we have selected the best playing cards from Ellusionist, DanAndDave and Theory11. We are not limiting ourselves to just these companies, the list of companies will continue to grow and we search high and low for only the best.

We are also keen to hear what else you would like us to get our hands on.

Please click https://shop.kardsgeek.com/, and continue allowing us to keep you up to date on all you need to know about playing cards, cardistry and magic.

We thank you in advance for supporting KardsGeek.

The Kards Geek Team

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For customer service enquiries email: sales@kardsgeek.com

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